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Fairfax Girths & Leathers

The Fairfax Performance Girth

Patent No: GB 2488030 B / Design reg: 001839028

Developed, designed and handmade in the UK

The first girth to be based on scientific research and proven to improve the horse’s performance by:

  • Dramatically reducing pressure (up to 82%)
  • Significantly increasing range of movement (up to 33% in forelimb protraction compared to the horse’s normal girth)
  • Eliminating gait asymmetry

The Performance Girth is the only girth to have been tested with and developed in conjunction with the BEF World Class Programme.

Team officials were so impressed by the girth they asked us to keep it a secret and delay its launch until after the London Olympics because they thought it would give Team GBR an added advantage.

Watch Harry Meade explain why the Performance Girth is so unique and genuinely helps the horse fulfil his potential

It is also the only girth to be tested using pressure mapping (by Pliance) and gait analysis (by Centuar Biomechanics).

Read more about our scientific testing protocol here

The Veterinary Journal published a scientific paper about the test results.

Read more about how papers are reviewed and why publication in a scientific journal is so important here

Find out how to fit your Performance Girth here

"Team GBR's Secret Weapon"

Download the full Horse and Hound article

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Fairfax long girth

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Fairfax long girth

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Leather Gel

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