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Saddle Fitting & Fees 

Jenny Godwin 

Society of Master Saddlers Qualifed Saddle Fitter.

With over 30 years experience within the equestrian industry, i offer a friendly, helpful and professional service.I believe saddle fitting is an integral part of your horse’s well being, a well fitting saddle will help provide your horse with comfort & freedom to move freely while providing you with a stable & supportive saddle fit,so that you are both able to enjoy your journey ahead

Step 1 : Should you wish to book a saddle fit or check please fill in my booking form below.This may take around 5 minutes and the information required is regarding ,the horse,rider,fees and services required.When the form is completed i will contact you with a date and time thats convenient. Fitting lead times vary depending on the time of year.

2: The area i cover is approximately a 20 mile radius of BS30.

3: Please allow 1.1.5 hours at your fit or check.I will check the health and saftey at the yard and your horses general health first. Please present your horse clean and dry with his bridle on in a clean dry area. You will need your riding hat and suitable boots for riding in. For insurance purposes without these I will be unable to allow you to get on the horse for the saddle fitting process.The rider or if the horse is shared then preferably both riders should be present for the ridden test. Please also ensure all other items you will need for fit is readily available i.e Irons,leathers,pads etc.

4: I will then move onto talk through with you any worries or concerns you have and some information about your journey so far.I will then look at your horses confirmation and posture,have a feel over his body looking for anything that may be of interest that may effect the fit of your saddle. I will then see your horse walk and trot in hand to look at any gait,asymmetry and way of moving. Then i will take 4 flexi curve back measurements to give me an idea of your horses shape and this is kept for my records and will also receive a copy for yours to.

5: I will then go through the saddle options, place them on your horse and run through with you the fit and the pros and cons of each one . Length,width,balance,tree shape,girthing position,panels etc

6: We will also talk about your personal preference and what may fit you the best,as rider balance and security is so important for your horse to then be able to balance themselves.

7:Once we have short listed the saddles ,we then go to the arena or flat area with our chosen saddles to carry out the ridden test.I'm looking at your horses walk,trot and canter of both reins if possible and  jump if requiring a jump/event saddle.I will then look at your horse as a whole,his way of moving and your feelings about the saddle. I will be looking for any movement,lift etc. This part of the fitting is vital as all horses and riders are different when in movement.

8: Once we have both decided that you are both happy with the fitting and your horses comfort and way of going ,we make a looking forward plan. New saddles will need re checking flocking possibly 8-12 weeks, routine checks i recommend 3-6 months. Horses coming back into work after injury or young horses an individual plan can be created for you both.I am always happy and willing to work with your team of professionals to work towards whats best for both horse and rider.

9: Lastly i will write up your fitting form with all the information above and present you with a copy for your records .In the meantime should you have an questions before your next fit ,please do not hesitate to contact me.


[  ] If the Horse is lame or or has compromised- compensatory gait- range of motion .
[  ] Inappropriate Horse rider weight ratio.
[  ] Horse is poorly conditioned,lack of muscle,weak or underweight.
[  ] Concern for equine wealfare and wellbeing for you both.
[  ] Unable to supply a saddle that fits both of you.
[  ] Not the right conditions to fit a saddle,saftey concerns ,muddy field, its to dark,extreme weather etc.
[  ] If i am unable to provide my high level of service or fitting protocol cannot be completed .
[  ] Poor client complience not willing to take on advice, information,recommendations etc.
[  ] Client is not willing to support and monitor thier progress, and make contact with me with a no obligation return.
[  ] Nuture and protect my reputation and the client could damage this.
[  ] To give your horse time off and implant ground work,stabilisation as a rider and work towards to being steadier in the saddle.
[  ] I know you dont want to hear you cant have a saddle maybe in the short term but your horses wealfare is my first priority.
[  ] Rehab saddles available if applicable they are synthetic saddles. To help the devoplement of the horse.
[  ] Long reining ,lunging to relax the topline build up muscle and body work alongside...bodywork then exercise.
[  ] Ground schooling tequniches will be recommended and if you can ride everyother day.

The 24 behaiours of the ridden horse in pain by Dr Sue Dyson

SADDLE FITTING FEES: ( All prices are including vat )

One horse saddle check or fit £50.00 

2 horses or more on the same yard £40 each

( unless otherwise stated)

On site Flocking small amount £30 Medium Flock £40 Large £50

Complete reflock £150 (Saddle taken off site and refitted) includes all flocking

Gullet change on your saddle £10

New Gullets £25.00 each

20 Mile Radius covered of BS30

It’s no problem to asses your current saddle for suitability & fit,for you and your horse regardless of whether the saddle was purchased from me originally,fees as above.

Please be aware if you have had your saddle fitted by another SMS Qualified Saddle Fitter within the last 6 months we are obliged to contact them for original templates and details.

Currently i do not offer saddle checks for Flair & Wow saddles.

Due to demand, appointment lead time can often be around 3-6 weeks.

Any cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment are subject to a £50 cancellation fee. 

Please note : A range of new saddles are kept in stock, however it is not possible to stock a saddle which will fit every horse. We endeavour to bring a carefully selected range of saddles to the saddle fitting for you to try. If we do not have anything suitable, then you will not be charged another assessment charge on a return visit,although i do request a 50% deposit for all new saddles ,which is fully refundable if when the saddle is fitted and not suitable for any reason a full refund less fitting will be returned.

Please only use the saddle on the horse to which it was fitted, as using it on another horse can considerably alters it’s shape and lead to problems


The fit of your saddle and bridle play a critical role in the overall health and wellbeing for your horse – and for you. Horses change constantly, whether gaining or losing excess weight, developing healthy or compensatory muscling, or altering how they move due to lameness, or, preferably, due to correct management and training.

Even the rider changes, if not physically, then in ability or desire to try different ridden sports. All these changes may be reflected in the fit of your saddle. Poor fit can lead to discomfort for your horse and unwanted behaviours such as bucking, napping and moving off when the rider tries to mount. The rider in a saddle that does not fit them may find they experience back or joint pains. Importantly, both horse and human may find that they cannot do what is being asked of them, and lose confidence.

Issues caught early can often be addressed with subtle changes, and the fitter and rider can work together  – with the rest of the care team – to plan ahead.

The expertise of an SMS QSF is there to guide you through the saddle fitting process so that you and your horse achieve the best outcome and performance.

An SMS QSF will have completed in-depth training and practical experience over a minimum of three years before sitting their examination in order to gain this globally respected City & Guilds qualification.


The society adapts its training content and method so that it is always current and correct, developing standardised systems or checklists so no essential part of the fitting process is missed.


The best saddle fitters say you never stop learning and that is one of the things they love about their work. SMS QSFs must attend a refresher course every two years and complete a set level of continued professional development.


Registered SMS QSFs agree to abide by a stringent code of conduct, which sets out expected standards of service and professional conduct.

Contact me on : 07970 741817 text or watts app

Email :

I look forward to hearing from you

Jenny x